Affiliate VIP System

Biggest Casino commission plan ever!
The DegenWin Affiliate program allows you to earn a percentage of the net revenue on the referred players*.
Our revenue share plans start from 25% and grow up to 60% for high-performing traffic. The percentage of Revenue Share varies depending on the quality of the traffic.
Contact our manager for clarification of all details. Let us enjoy the success together! *Reward for Casino NGR and Sports Betting NGR is calculated separately. NGR (Net Gaming Revenue)
10.000 NGR = 25% 30.000 NGR = 30% 40.000 NGR = 40% 50.000 NGR = 50% 60.000 NGR = 60%
DIFFERENTIAL BONUS PLAN DegenWin Casino offers a unique affiliate program that provides individuals with the opportunity to benefit from a differential revenue-sharing plan that can increase up to 60%. The casino acknowledges that not all affiliates and marketers achieve the same level of performance and, as a result, has developed a flexible system to appropriately reward their partners' efforts.
With DegenWin's differential affiliate plan, partners are rewarded based on their performance. The more referred players or customers partners bring to the casino, the higher their revenue share. The base percentage of 25% can increase to up to 60% based on outstanding performance and increasing traffic. DegenWin values the partners' efforts and aims to ensure they are adequately rewarded for their hard work.
DegenWin's transparent system guarantees that partners can monitor their earnings at all times. Partners can rely on maximizing the benefits of their partnership through the differential affiliate plan. Dedicated account managers are available to answer partners' questions and assist in optimizing their results.
Joining DegenWin's affiliate program allows partners to benefit from a differential revenue-sharing plan that can boost their earnings. Partners can celebrate success and benefit from their outstanding achievements.
Partners are encouraged to start today and maximize their potential with the affiliate program provided by DegenWin Casino!
Example For example, if you are at the 50% level, and your direct partner is at the 30% level, you will receive 20% of the entire team's revenue that your partner generates.